Media Block: Adding videos and images

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NOTE: If you want to add a video “grid” you must use the Video block, instead of the Media block

Adding videos and images

Here’s what the media block looks like before you add any media.

To add a video or image you must click the Add media dropdown button and choose either Video or Image. This will open the audio Media Browser for the selected type of media.

Once in the Media Browser, you can select from media already in your library; or add new media. First, click the checkbox(es) to select the video(s) you want to add. Then click the Add Media (X Items) button to add the media and return to the reel builder.

You can click the “X” in the upper left corner to close the media browser and return to the reel builder without adding videos.

Video options

When adding videos to a reel you have additional options that are not available when adding images:
  1. Click the eye icon to preview the video while in the reel builder
  2. Select the checkbox to show the video title above the video on the reel
  3. Select the Override name checkbox to override the video name on this reel only

Reordering videos and images

To reorder videos and images, grab the handle in the top left corner of the media card and drag it to the desired location.

Removing videos and images

To remove a video or image, click on the minus icon in the top right corner of the media card.

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