Preview draft: Viewing your reel design within the reel builder

NOTE: This help article may be incomplete. Please contact us if you have additional questions. (Last updated 12/17/21)

At any time during the reel building process, you can preview the current draft of your reel by clicking the “ Preview Draft” button at the top of the Block editor.

The preview draft button is “sticky,” so it will always be visible no matter where you are in the reel builder.
The draft preview will open in a new tab and is only visible to you when logged into your account. Every reel preview will include a large orange warning bar reminding you that it is only a preview. Do not share this URL with anyone—it will not work!
PRO TIP: You can always confirm that you are viewing a reel draft preview vs. a published reel preview because the word DRAFT will appear across the reel.
The preview button in the reel builder always shows the current draft of a reel, which may be different than the most recently saved version of the reel if you’ve made changes. You can always preview the published version of your reel by clicking the preview link at the top of a reel's detail page.

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