When to update public v1 reel links after migration

If you’ve posted any v1 share links publicly, it’s best to update them to the new v2 “play.reelcrafter” URLs now. However, if you have old v1 “rcrft.co” links out there that you may have forgotten about, don't worry—we’ll automatically forward them to the correct reels in v2.

We realize some public links are not editable (like Twitter posts) but please update any Facebook, forum posts, email signatures, or personal website links with the new v2 URLs if possible. That way the links will continue to work even if the v1 URL forwarding system is phased out in the future.
To copy the new v2 share link urls:
  1. Navigate to your reel library
  2. Search for the desired reels
  3. Click on the reel name to open the reel detail page
  4. Find the appropriate share link
  5. Click on the copy icon to the left of the gear icon to copy the link for that particular share link (or click the gear icon to open the settings and choose between the standard or personalized URLs)

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