How to update new v2 web embed URLs after migration

After migration, please update your web embed codes on your website with the new v2 embedded player URLs as soon as possible. This will ensure that your embeds will remain accessible.

v2 embedded players allow for a transparent background, can display track notes, and provide play count tracking on your dashboard. 

To access the new v2 embed codes:
  1. Navigate to your reel library
  2. Click “Embed” on the top row of your reel list to sort all your reels by embed status to locate all your web embeds
  3. Click the reel name to open the reel detail page
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the reel detail page and select the “Embedded Player” tab
  5. Make any changes needed to the settings (like new transparent backgrounds!)
  6. Click “Save & Publish” to generate the new code
  7. Click ”Copy code to clipboard”
  8. Paste the new code into your iframe/website
PRO TIP: All future changes to your v2 embedded player settings (except for player px height) will automatically update on your site when you hit “Save & Publish!” No more updating your iframe code every time you make a small change to the design settings.

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