When to adjust images after migration

If you made any adjustments to blend/feather images with the reel dark theme background in v1, you might want to check your reels after migration.

The v1 dark theme reels included a gradient that went from pure black (#000000) to a dark gray (#1D1D1D). But the new v2 reels do not have a gradient, and the entire reel background will be pure black. That means any images (below the banner) that matched the previous background color will no longer seamlessly blend. Logo images and banners on a pure black background will still look good.

If you edited any reel images/videos to include background color #1D1D1D, or a headshot to include #333333, you will want to edit those images to match the new v2 background colors. You can also adjust your reel background to #1D1D1D and see if that fixes any issues.

If possible, you should always save images as transparent PNGs if you want the background to show through. That way, they will always look great on almost any color background!

PRO TIP: You can use custom colors in v2, so you’re no longer limited to just Light or Dark themed reels.

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