Tags: Organize audio tracks by keyword

While folders are great for grouping tracks into a collection, tags supplement your folder system by letting you add several tags to a single track. A common use for tagging is to label a track with moods, instruments, tempo—anything you can think of! You can also use tags to populate the Filter block on your presentation reels.

Tagging audio tracks

To add tags to individual tracks:

  • Navigate to the audio library by clicking “Audio” in the left sidebar
  • Click on an audio track name to open the track detail page
  • Enter tags in the Tags box below the track waveform

Tags are saved in your tag library, which opens anytime you add tags to audio tracks or reels. Once the tag library is open, you can edit tags or delete them completely.

Pro Tip: Tags can have spaces in them.

Removing tags from a track

Remove tags from a track by clicking on the X that appears next to the tag in the tagging area.

Search tracks by tag

Once you’ve sufficiently tagged your tracks, you can use either the Global Search or the local audio search to find all audio tracks with a particular tag (or group of tags). 

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