Why is there missing or incorrect tracking data?

Incorrect/missing sessions or events

Although it's impossible for someone to block us from tracking their playback activity on your reels, there are a couple of circumstances where you might not see that a reel was opened when you know for sure it was, or some events might be missing:

  1. The listener's browser sends event data to our servers, but if there's a network issue on their end (or between them and us), the tracking request won't reach us.
  2. If the listener happens to close the tab or reload the page at the right (or wrong) moment, a tracking event may not make it to our servers.
  3. If you see a play event with nothing afterward, it's probably because the listener just closed the window/tab in the middle of playback.

Unfortunately, situations like these are out of our control, so we can't guarantee 100% accuracy in tracking information.

As for sessions with no events, it's highly likely that the person didn't listen to anything yet. It's common for people to open a reel to take a quick look, then close it so they can review later.

Wrong location reported for a session

We use a very popular and reliable third-party service that will give us geographical information when we send them an IP address. Unfortunately, it's not always reliable, for one of a few reasons:

  1. The geodata is not fully up-to-date or incorrect.
  2. The listener is using a VPN, so their location can't be accurately determined.
  3. The link was shared with a service or app that “scrapes” the link to access images/text to display a preview. We currently block the most common services from your dashboard, like Facebook, etc., but we cannot block 100% of these types of events. It may also be something as basic as a desktop clipboard app that accesses the reel every time you or your recipient copies/pastes the URL.
  4. The reel was shared with a third party or posted publicly on the internet by the recipient.
While the location is nice to know, remember to name your share links according to the recipient. Doing so is a much better way of knowing exactly who opened your reel.

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