Snippet Editor: Create custom audio cut downs

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To create a snippet from a full-length track, navigate to the detail page for an audio track and click Create new snippet to open the snippet editor.

Snippet editor controls and settings

The snippet editor shows a waveform view of your track where you can select a region to save as your snippet and adjust its settings. For the most part, it works like a typical waveform editor.

Guide to snippet editor controls and settings:
  1. Add snippet at playhead
  2. Clear snippet region
  3. Play/pause
  4. Zoom to fit
  5. Zoom in
  6. Zoom out
  7. Zoom snippet region
  8. Increase amplitude zoom
  9. Decrease amplitude zoom
  10. Snippet name
  11. Snippet start/end times
  12. Snippet fade-in/fade-out values
You can close the snippet editor and return to the track detail page without saving a snippet by either clicking the “X” in the top right corner or clicking the Cancel button at the bottom left of the page.

Creating snippets

To create a snippet, click and drag to draw a region, then drag the edges of your selection to adjust it. You can then customize the start/end times and the fade-in/fade-out values. To save your snippet, enter a snippet name and click Create snippet in the bottom left of the page to return to the track detail page.

Saved snippets

Each new snippet will appear on the Snippets tab on the detail page for the original track under Saved Snippets. Snippets will be organized in your library based on the snippet start time.
The saved snippets library view will show you the snippet name, start/end time, length, and fade-in/fade-out values. You can also preview a snippet by clicking the Play icon below the waveform.
Note: You will have access to your snippet library from within the reel builder after adding the full-length track to a playlist (see below for more details).

Editing snippets

To edit a snippet, click on the pencil icon below the snippet waveform to open the snippet editor and adjust any of the settings.

After making changes you have the option to Save changes to update the existing snippet or Save as new to create a brand new snippet without applying any changes to the original snippet.

Deleting snippets

To delete a snippet, click on the garbage can icon below the snippet waveform.

Note: Once a snippet is deleted it cannot be recovered.

Accessing snippets in the reel builder

When editing a playlist in the reel builder you will not have direct access to your saved snippets. To add a snippet to a reel you must first add the original full-length track to a playlist.
Once a track is added to your playlist, you can click the scissors icon to the right of the track name to open the track detail page and access the snippet library (or create a new snippet).

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