Share link basics

This article talks about how to create a link and share your reel. The  Share Links feature is one of ReelCrafter’s superpowers! This feature allows you to create several unique links that lead to a single reel, so you can share the same reel with multiple recipients and get detailed tracking for each link. So not only will you know when someone listened, but if you name your share link appropriately you’ll be able to know who listened.

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Creating a share link

After publishing a reel, you will be redirected to the reel detail page where you can create a share link. If the reel already exists, navigate to the Reel library and click the reel you want to share.

To create a new share link:

  1. Click the “+” icon in the upper right corner (opposite the title “Share Links”)

  2. Give the share link a name (naming it after the recipient will make it easier to track in your listener metrics)

  3. Click on the gear icon on the far right (opposite the share link name) to open the settings panel

In the settings panel you can:

  • Rename your share link
  • Copy the standard URL
  • Set and copy a personalized URL*
  • Add password protection**
  • Add a link expiration date and time
  • Set the reel to downloadable and add a ZIP file name**
  • Turn on email notifications for opens**

*Available on paid plans only
**Available on Pro Legacy plans and above
Available on Professional plans and above

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