How to clean up duplicate snippets after migration

New snippet library

In v1, you created snippets per reel, so if you wanted to use the same snippet in a second reel, you essentially had two copies of the same snippet in your account. Unfortunately, this meant a lot of extra snippets were hanging out in the backend of your account, even though you couldn’t see them. 

But in v2, snippets are associated directly with a track, saved in a new snippet library, and can be reused across as many reels as you want. That means you will only need to cut a snippet once, and any future edits to that snippet will update across all reels using it. The new library will save you a lot of time in the Reel Builder and keep your snippets consistent across reels.

Snippet migration

As you can imagine, the sheer number of similar snippets in v1 created quite the challenge for migration! So we had to develop a system that could identify all of the snippets that were the “same” and merge them into a single snippet for your new snippet library.

We compare all your snippets during migration and consider any start/end times within one second of each other the “same.” The start/end times are averaged for all the “same” snippets, and we create a newly merged snippet for your v2 snippet library. The original v1 snippet is removed from your reel and replaced with the new merged v2 snippet. 

But, if the start end times of similar snippets were even the tiniest bit over or under that one-second margin, we created a second snippet for your library. So, if you tend to cut snippets with lots of precision, you’ll probably have very few duplicates in v2. But, if you are were less exact with your start/end times (no judgment!), you may notice a lot of similar snippets in your library. 🙃

These extra snippets won’t harm anything, so it’s OK to leave them as they are if they don’t bother you. But, if you prefer a more tidy account, you can spend some time cleaning up your saved snippets for each track.

How to clean up duplicate snippets

  1. Identify the original full track used for the snippet in your audio library
  2. Click on the track name in your audio library to open the detail page
  3. Go to the Snippets tab (under the waveform) to view your new snippet library
  4. Compare the start and end times to identify any “same” snippets (snippets are organized by start time in the library)
  5. If you have multiples of essentially the same snippet, choose one to become the new primary snippet and give it an appropriate name (to edit the name, change start/end times, or adjust fade times, click on the pencil icon for the snippet listing).  — Alternately, you can cut new snippets if you need very similar variations that were merged during migration
  6. Once your new primary snippet is edited/saved, go to the “Details” tab to see a list of every reel using a snippet of the track
  7. Click the arrow icon to the right of the reel name to open the reel detail page in a new window and click “Edit” at the top right to open the Reel Builder
  8. Once in the Reel Builder, open the Media block, click the scissors icon next to the track for the snippet you want to replace, and then choose the replacement snippet from the saved snippet library
  9. Click “Save & Publish” to save the new snippet in your reel
  10. Once you’ve replaced all the duplicate snippets for a track, you can delete the extras from your saved snippets library

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