How to embed a reel on a site

WordPress (.org) will usually support your ReelCrafter embed code within the standard content editor. But you may want to use an iframe plugin for greater control of placement on the page or are uncomfortable editing your content code directly.

Please note: (paid hosting) limits the use of plugins and iframes on the Premium plan and below. Unfortunately, that means ReelCrafter web embeds will only work on the Business plan.
If you're not familiar with how to create Web Embed code, please check out this article first.
  1. Generate your Reel embed code in ReelCrafter
  2. Open/Edit the WordPress page that you want to feature the reel
  3. Within the primary content editor for the page, navigate to the area where you want to reel to appear
  4. Take note of the text or photos above and below your chosen spot so you can easily find the correct area to paste the code in the next step
  5. Switch your editing view from "Visual" to "Text" to reveal the code view of your content
  6. Find the area within the code for your reel placement and paste the embed code. Be careful to paste it under the last line of code for the content above and the first line of code for the content below.
  7. You can switch back to the "Visual" view to add additional spacing around the reel or make other adjustments
  8. Save/Update the page
You may need to adjust the settings for height and width to best fit your page. This can be done directly in the code block you already pasted or regenerated within ReelCrafter and replaced in WordPress.

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