Where can I use web embeds?

You can use our embeddable player on any website building platform that allows iframes/embed code, and of course on any custom site built from scratch. If you are unsure of how to create an iframe, please reach out to your site provider and ask how to embed third-party content.

We’ve linked to relevant support articles for each platform below (current as of 05/22)

* At the time of publishing this article, only WordPress.com Pro plans (or legacy Business and eCommerce plans) allow the use of iframes. Our web embeds will not work with other plans. If you would like to use ReelCrafter players with a WordPress site, you will need a WordPress.org site (which uses a third-party host that is not WordPress.com) or a Pro hosting plan directly with WordPress.com. Please see WordPress.com's site for current information on plan limits.

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