Contact Info block: Setting contact information on a reel

Before you send your reel to anyone, you'll want to make sure all your correct contact information is set. The Contact Info block of the reel builder will let you enter all the contact information you want visible on your reel.

The Contact Info block includes fields for:

  • Name (required)
  • Job Tite
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Website URL

To save time, you'll probably want to use some of the same information for any reels you create by entering it in your Reel Settings ▸ Personal Information (or saving it as the default right within the Reel Builder). 

Once your default information is saved, all of your contact info will be pre-populated in the Contact Info block when you create or edit a reel.

Overriding default contact information

You can also override any of your default contact information on individual reels by checking the Override contact information box as shown below. Once that box is checked you'll be able to edit or remove any of your default contact information on that specific reel.

If you uncheck the  Override contact information box or don't make any changes to your information, your defaults will be restored.

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