Setting default contact information

You can save time and avoid entering the same contact information every time you make a new reel by saving default contact info in your account. You can add your defaults while in the Reel Builder contact info block or navigating to Reel Settings ▸ Personal Information.

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To add your info in your settings, navigate to Reel Settings in the left side menu, then choose the section called Personal Information. Enter the contact information you want on all reels by default and click Save. Don't worry; you can always override any of this information on a per reel basis when building new reels (see below for more details on overrides). 

FYI: Any changes to your default contact info will update ALL existing and future reels using your default information. If you want any existing reels to show the previous contact information, you will need to override the contact details by editing those reels manually.

Override default contact information on a per reel basis
There are some instances when you need to include slightly different contact information on a reel. You can override your default information in the Contact Info section when building or editing a reel. 

Anytime the Override contact information box is checked in the reel builder, all changes you make to the default contact information will be shown on this reel only. If you uncheck the box or don't make any changes, the reel will revert to show your default Personal Information.

Update default contact information
If you need to update your default contact information on ALL existing and future reels, enter your new information while editing a reel and click the Save as default Contact info” button in the Reel Builder. Or enter the changes in your Reel Settings ▸ Personal Information and click Save. You will be asked to confirm your changes.

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