Logo Block: Resize, override, or hide default logo

The  Logo block will default to the logo currently saved in your Reel Settings ▸ Design Defaults. You will see either a gray or orange alert box letting you know if a default image has been uploaded, and if it’s currently being used in the reel. 

In this article:

Resize logo

You can change the display size of your logo by adjusting the sliders at the top of the Logo block.

Max Width: Adjusts how wide the logo will appear
Max Height: Adjust how tall the logo will appear

Being able to control both the width and height of your logo allows you to adjust the size of your logo regardless of the aspect ratio (stacked logo vs. horizontal logo).

Override logo

You can override your logo on a per reel basis by checking the  Override default logo box. Once this box is checked the Replace Image button will appear below the image and you can upload/choose a new image in the image browser. 

You can update your default logo right in the Reel Builder after uploading a new image by clicking the  “Save as default logo” button.

Hide logo

Click the “eye” icon in the upper right corner (opposite the block title) to hide the entire Logo block from your reel.

PRO TIP: Consider hiding the Logo block and incorporating your logo into a custom banner to create a unique design.

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