Media Block: Adding playlists and section headers

This article is part one of a two-part help series on Playlists. To learn more about adding audio and editing playlists, please see help article part two: Editing playlists and adding audio

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Adding playlists

Here’s what the media block looks like before you add any media—you must click the Add Playlist button before you can add any audio tracks:

PRO TIP: You can create one long playlist or add as many playlists as you want; multiple playlists will appear with additional space (and optional title headers) between them. This makes it easy to build a reel with individual playlists highlighting different projects, genres, or musical styles.

Naming playlists and displaying their titles

Every new playlist will start with the name "Untitled Playlist." There's also an option to "Show playlist title on reel" or hide it on the reel; playlist names will be hidden by default.

If you choose to show your playlist title it will essentially create a section header above that playlist on your reel.
Here’s an example or titles shown vs. titles hidden:

Reordering playlists

To reorder playlists, click the sort button to the left of the Playlist name and a popup will appear. You can drag the playlist names then click “Save Order”.

Removing playlists

To remove a playlist, click on the minus icon to the right of the playlist name.

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