Representation block: Select representation to display

You can display the contact information for your agent, manager, publicist, etc., under your biography section. 

In a brand new reel, the Representation block will default to “Deselect All” so you have a chance to select the desired contacts from your Reel Settings ▸ Representation.

If you haven’t saved any default contacts yet, you will see this warning. You can add or edit representation contacts from within the  Reel Builder by clicking the “Edit default representation” button

Selecting representation contacts to display

You can control which contacts will display in the Representation section of your reel with the following options:
  • Click the checkboxes to select or deselect individual contacts (NOTE: Only checked contacts will display on your reel)
  • Click “Select All” to display all contacts on your reel
  • Click the “eye” icon in the upper right corner to hide the entire Representation section, regardless of which contacts are selected
  • Click “Deselect All” to hide all contacts (and the Representation section) of your reel

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