Adding default representation details

You can display the contact information for your agent, manager, publicist, etc. under your biography section on reels by completing the  Representation section in your Reel Settings. You can also access your default representation from within the Reel Builder as well.

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To add your contacts:
  1. Navigate to Reel Settings in the left side menu
  2. Choose the section called Representation
  3. Enter the contact information for each person you may want to list on your reels
  4. Drag the entries to set the order in which they appear on your reels (you can show/hide individual contacts on a per reel basis)
FYI: Any changes to your representation contacts will update ALL existing reels displaying that contact. If you need to make one-off changes to a contact on a single reel, we suggest creating a duplicate entry and only showing it on that reel.

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