Adding linked videos to your library

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Some paid plans include an allowance for direct video uploads, but this help article will focus specifically on linked videos.

Users on the Professional plan can add unlimited linked videos hosted on either YouTube or Vimeo to their reels. Users on the Starter plan may have videos in their library/reels from time on a previous plan, but they will not appear on reels.

To learn more about how to properly set up the visibility and embed settings on YouTube and Vimeo, please see this help article:  Privacy settings for YouTube and Vimeo video embeds 

NOTE: Due to technical limitations of third-party embeds, linked video metrics may not include activities beyond Video Play, Video Pause, and Video End.

Adding new linked videos

To add a linked video, click on “Videos” on the left navigation menu to open your videos library. Then click the link icon in the upper right of the page.

After you click on the link icon, you will be prompted to enter the video URL you want to link. Remember, the link must be to a YouTube or Vimeo video.

Once a valid URL is entered, you’ll see the thumbnail and video title. You can choose to rename the video before clicking “Create Link” to bring the video into your library. Of course, you can always change the video title later.

Now that the video is linked in your library, you can watch it, rename it, move it into a new folder, delete it, or add it to a reel when you’re in the reel builder.

Pro Tip: You can also add videos to your library using this same process from within the Reel Builder media block.

Resync linked videos

Make changes to your video title or thumbnail on Vimeo or YouTube? You can update linked videos in ReelCrafter by clicking the Resync option (under the 3-dot menu in the upper right of the video card) to refresh the current information from Vimeo or YouTube.

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