Privacy settings for YouTube and Vimeo video embeds

YouTube and Vimeo videos will not display on ReelCrafter if your visibility/privacy settings are not correct.

YouTube Privacy Settings 

Visibility/Privacy settings:
Public or  Unlisted
Note:  Private YouTube videos will not display on ReelCrafter—you must choose  Unlisted if you don’t want them to be public. 
Be sure the video is set to allow embedding. On the video Details page, click "SHOW MORE" at the bottom of the page to reveal additional settings. Scroll down to "License and distribution" and check "Allow embedding."

Vimeo Privacy & Embed Settings

Visibility/Privacy settings: 
Anyone or Hide this video from (paid Vimeo accounts only)

Embed settings:
Anywhere or Only on sites I choose (paid Vimeo accounts only)

If you select "Only on sites I choose" for embedding, you must add the following domains to your Vimeo embed permissions:

Read the Vimeo support documentation on changing privacy settings »

Note: If the above instructions do not match your YouTube or Vimeo settings, please let us know so we can update this article. We do our best to keep our help docs current but are not always aware when third-party sites update settings or features.

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