2. Preview your migrated reels

Before you do anything else, it’s a good idea to view several of your most recent and/or important reels. 
A few things to check:
  • Desired formatting on your job title (no longer ALL CAPS)
  • Images on Dark Theme reels (page is now 100% black)
  • All tracks and videos appear and play (of course!)
  • Logo, banner, custom messages, and biography look good
If your reels don’t look correct, contact us at support@reelcrafter.com or via in-app support (click the question mark in the top-right menu) so we can review your reels before you proceed.
To view share links:
  1. Open your reel library on the left menu (“Reels”)
  2. Search for the reel you want to view and click the name to open the new reel detail page
  3. Copy a link to your clipboard by clicking on the icon under the “Copy Link” column in the share link
  4. Paste the link into another browser window to ensure that your reel looks great!

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