6. Review migrated image library

Any logos, banners, reel images, or headshots you uploaded to v1 can now be found in your new image library, ready to organize in folders.

It’s a good idea to do a quick comparison of your image libraries to make sure everything migrated successfully.
To access your v1 image library:
  1. Go to your v1 Account > Preferences page and scroll down to your default LOGO settings
  2. Mouse over the “LOGO” image upload box
  3. Click on “Choose image ” or “Replace image” to open up your image library (the wording changes if there is already a logo selected)
  4. Scroll through the popup image library to view all images uploaded to your v1 account and compare them to your new v2 image library

If your image library doesn’t look correct, contact us at  support@reelcrafter.com or via in-app support (click the question mark in the top-right menu) so we can review your images before you proceed.

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