3. Review migrated reel settings and defaults

Your default reel settings from v1 have been migrated and should be reviewed during migration. Please make sure your contact information and other default settings are correct before you start making new reels (you can upload new images after you finalize migration).

Plus, there are some exciting changes you’ll notice!
Default Colors - Set your default colors in your reel settings and start every new reel with your own custom colors for primary elements, background, text, and links

Representation - Add as many default contacts as you need to your account, each with their own custom title
Biography Formatting - Add rich text formatting to your biography. This includes: bold, italics, justification, hyperlinks, bullet points, and more

External Links - Your social links and linked files now include an optional description that appears as a tooltip when the icon is moused over

Logo - There is only one “default logo” in reel settings but you can now add alternate logos in the Reel Builder
Username - Make edits to your username anytime

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