How to replace any corrupt snippets after migration

In rare circumstances, some of your snippets in v1 could become corrupt. If any of those corrupt snippets were found during migration, their details were added to the CSV in your migration report email.

If you do have corrupt snippets, we recommend going through the replacement process below after you’ve cleaned up any duplicate snippets for that track.

To replace a corrupt snippet:
  1. Identify the original full track and the reel it was used in by referencing your CSV report
  2. Click on the track name in your audio library to open the detail page
  3. Go to the Snippets tab (under the waveform) to view your new snippet library
  4. Check if a snippet with similar start/end times was already created during migration and saved to your snippet library (if not, you can recreate the snippet right on the track detail page by clicking “Create New Snippet”)
  5. Then go to your reel library and locate the reel that included the corrupt snippet and select “Edit” under the 3-dot menu to the right of the reel name to open the Reel Builder
  6. Open the media block in the Reel Builder and add the full track to the reel, then click the scissors icon to add the new snippet (from your snippet library) back to your reel
  7. Click “Save & Publish” to save the changes to your reel

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