Image size guidelines

Learn more about the image sizes and file types that work best in ReelCrafter. We designed the reel template to be as flexible as possible so it can accommodate multiple image sizes. You may not have access to the same size/type of images for each project, but you should be able to create a visually stunning reel with whatever assets you may have available.

NOTE: This help article may be incomplete. Please contact us if you have additional questions.

What is a “retina/4k” image?

The term “retina” or “4k” refers to modern, high-DPI displays. These displays typically have twice as many pixels per inch as their traditional counterparts, which is why they look so amazing. For images to look crisp on these high-DPI screens, they need to be twice as large so that, when they’re scaled down, there are more pixels for the screens to display. 

The sizes below include the absolute minimum size we recommend for specific images and a suggested retina/4k size. Keep in mind that images smaller than the recommended retina/4k size may look pixelated/fuzzy on high-DPI displays (including phones and tablets). 

Note: Image file uploads are limited to 10MB

Recommended sizes and file types

Below are the recommended sizes for specific images.
Size: At least 280px (length or height) but ideally 560p (length or height) for retina/4k displays
File type: Transparent PNG (JPG, GIF, non-transparent PNG okay)
Size: At least 320px wide (any height), but ideally 640px wide (any height) for retina/4k displays
File type: JPG (PNG or animated GIF okay)
Size: At least 1100px wide, but ideally 2400px wide (any height) for retina/4k displays and/or wide monitors
File type: JPG or animated GIF (PNG okay)
Pro Tip: Long, narrow banners will look the best on super-wide monitors.
Media Block Image
Size: At least 580px wide, but ideally 1160px wide (any height) for retina/4k displays
File type: JPG or animated GIF (PNG okay)
Pro Tip: If you plan to share a reel on social media, you should limit animated GIF images to no more than 5MB for Twitter and 8MB for Facebook.

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