Image size guidelines

ReelCrafter is designed to be flexible and can accommodate multiple image sizes, which means you can create visually stunning reels even if you don't have access to the same size or type of images for each project. However, to make the most of the high-DPI screens that are now common, it's important to understand the difference between traditional and high-DPI images and to use appropriately sized images. 

Here’s what you need to know:

What is a “retina/4k” image? 
“Retina” or “4K” refers to high-DPI displays that have twice as many pixels per inch as traditional screens. Images need to be twice as large to look crisp on these high-DPI screens, even when scaled down.

Recommended maximum image size
While ReelCrafter will optimize JPG, PNG, and non-animated GIF file sizes based on browser window size, we recommend not uploading images larger than 4800px wide due to the large file sizes associated with them.

Please keep in mind that animated GIFs will  always display the full, original file. To ensure the best experience for users on mobile devices or slow internet connections, we recommend keeping animated GIF file sizes as small as possible.

Image Sizes and Recommendations

Below are the minimum and suggested sizes for specific images, including Retina/4K sizes. Keep in mind that images smaller than the suggested Retina/4K size may appear pixelated or fuzzy on high-DPI displays like newer monitors, phones, and tablets.

Note: Image file uploads are limited to 15MB
Pro Tip 1: Unless an image is using transparency, we recommend uploading JPG files instead of PNG files due to file size.
Size: At least 280px (length or height) but ideally 560px wide (horizontal logos) or 320 pixels tall (vertical logos ) for retina/4k displays
File type: Transparent PNG (JPG or animated GIF okay)
Note: You can change the height and width of the logo using the slider in the logo block to further adjust the size.
Size: At least 320px wide (any height), but ideally 640px wide (any height) for retina/4k displays
File type: JPG (animated GIF okay, PNG not recommended due to large file sizes)
Size: At least 1100px wide, but ideally 2400px wide (any height) for retina/4k displays and/or wide monitors
File type: JPG (animated GIF okay, PNG not recommended due to large file sizes)
Pro Tip 2: Long, narrow banners will look the best on super-wide monitors.
Profile Block Banner
To prevent cropping and ensure compatibility with wide monitors, use a banner image that is exactly 500px tall and at least 1100px wide. For optimal appearance on wider monitors, a width of 2400px or more is recommended.
File type: JPG (animated GIF okay, PNG not recommended due to large file sizes)

Note: Although using a 1000px tall banner provides a crisp appearance on retina/4k displays, it will be cropped at the top and bottom on wide monitors. Also, be aware that any text placed in the center of the banner may be obscured by the headshot image when viewed on mobile devices.

Media Block Image
Size: At least 580px wide, but ideally 2400px wide (any height) for retina/4k displays
File type: JPG (animated GIF okay, PNG not recommended due to large file sizes)

Pro Tip 3:  If you plan to share a reel on social media, you should limit animated GIF images to no more than 5MB for Twitter and 8MB for Facebook.

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