Video Block

In addition to using the primary Media block, Professional users can also display videos using the advanced  Video block. The Video block will allow you to show videos in one, two, or three-column grid layouts anywhere on your reel.

To add a Video block:

  1. Hover in the center of the Reel Builder and between (or above/below) the blocks where you want to add the videos until the plus sign icon appears. 
  2. Click the plus sign to open the block menu.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the menu and select "Video" to insert the new block (block names appear alphabetically in the menu).

The Video block offers multiple settings for your videos:

  • Layout: One, two, or three-columns
  • Thumbnail Style: Flat, Card, or Outlined
  • Video Title: Show or hide video titles above each video
  • Fullscreen: Set all videos to automatically play fullscreen

Need to override a video title on just one reel? Click in the text box that appears above the video's thumbnail and enter the new name.

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